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Hugo Boss is reinventing itself for a new generation.

Jan 31 2022

Hugo Boss is reinventing itself for a new generation. Known for their “Wall Street-ready” suits and traditional business attire, Hugo Boss is going all in on the next generation with a fresh new look and brand ambassadors / models like Hailey Bieber, the rapper Future, K-pop stars, and TikTok influencers like Khaby Lame who speak to young people. Hugo Boss’ old blocky logo has been replaced with more chic typography and they have introduced reimagined apparel like ultra-breathable suits that double as office and going out wear, athleisure inspired by ‘90s streetwear, and suits made out of recycled water bottles (coming soon). According to the brand’s CEO, two distinct lines will capture the attitudes of traditional and new audiences: “Hugo” will serve as the “streetwear-leaning option for Gen Z shoppers replete with bucket hats, loose-fit jeans, and logo-heavy accessories,” while “Boss” features “minimalist, smart-casual looks aimed at Millennials with earth-toned hoodies, voluminous overcoats, and tailored chinos.” According to the brand’s most-recent annual report from 2020, Hugo Boss experienced a 33% sales decline at the start of COVID-19, while stock prices have consistently fallen since June 2018. Combined with the fact that consumers are looking for more comfortable (and fashion-forward) workwear and the growing influence of TikTok on fashion, Hugo Boss’ reinvention is aptly timed. (NYT)