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Creator of “American Idol,” Simon Fuller, has revealed “the first [music] group ever to be born on TikTok.”

Jan 31 2022

Creator of American Idol, Simon Fuller, has revealed “the first [music] group ever to be born on TikTok.” The group, Future X, consists of three singers and four dancers who were all discovered on TikTok, including Angie Green, Luke Brown, and Maci Wood, plus dancers Jayna Hughes, Sasha Marie, Tray Taylor, and Drew Venegas. TikTokers were able to audition for the chance to be part of the group last fall via the tag #NextInMusic (garnering more than 300M views). Now, the group lives together in Malibu where they’re working on new music to prep for Future X’s first live performances kicking off in March of this year. Additionally, the group is teaming up with E.l.f. Cosmetics to find aspiring makeup artists who will work with them (the scouting campaign is running via the #elfitup TikTok Hashtag Challenge). TikTok has helped champion several music trends since making its rise to the center of pop culture two years ago, and Fuller’s move in the space signals how creatives / brands are pivoting in this new era of entertainment. (Variety)