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Corona is launching “Sunbrew,” an alcohol-free beer blended with Vitamin D.

Jan 07 2022

Corona is launching “Sunbrew,” an alcohol-free beer blended with Vitamin D. It’s Dry January, which means alcohol brands are grappling with how to reach health-conscious drinkers who’ve hit pause on alcohol-consumption for the month. Enter Sunbrew, Corona’s alcohol-free beer containing 30% of the daily value of Vitamin D per 330 ml serving in Canada, which is where Sunbrew will be introduced first. Sunbrew follows Corona’s existing alcohol-free beer, Corona Zero, which is only available in Mexico for now. The brand chose Canada as the product’s debut market due to the country’s heightened winter conditions and lack of sunlight, and Corona plans to roll out Sunbrew in the U.K., Europe, South America, and Asia later this year. YPulse’s nightlife and drinking research shows 43% of 13-39-year-olds who drink alcohol say they make a conscious effort to limit how much alcohol they consume (a 5pt increase from 2020). (AdAge)