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Forever 21 created a virtual shopping world inside “Roblox,” and young users were less than impressed.

Dec 21 2021

Forever 21 created a virtual shopping world inside Roblox, and young users were less than impressed. Created with Wonder Works Studio and Virtual Brand Group, the “Forever 21 Shop City” features multiple stores (all of which are Forever 21 outlets) lining a winding street where each store competes to be the top shop in the city. Some teen Roblox users, however, discovered that the brand’s Roblox world wasn’t nearly as exciting as the promo video for “Forever 21 Shop City” billed it to be: 17-year-old Jack Beardslee notes, “The camera kept twisting, making it difficult to see what you were doing,” while others commented that the Roblox world wasn’t user-friendly and the obstacle course was too easy to be fun; Gabe Thomison (18-years-old) called the game, “Uninteresting, given that it’s so generic and pushy with the brand; and Sam Harvey (17-years-old) explains, “The game looks alright, but the gameplay from the start is bland. Sell clothes, answer questions, run all the way to the Forever 21 building to pick up more clothes, rinse and repeat.” As more brands begin entering virtual worlds inside RobloxMinecraftFortnite—you name it—it’s important to understand how users want to engage with brands inside some of their favorite gaming spaces. Young gamers are looking for personality and customization from brands, not obvious brand pushes that don’t represent what these gaming spaces are all about. (Input Mag)