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Amazon’s beauty sales are booming thanks to #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

Dec 03 2021

Amazon’s beauty sales are booming thanks to #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. Whether it’s Revlon’s One-Step hair-dryer brush or Paula’s Choice BHA exfoliant, sales for beauty goods on Amazon are surging, and their best-seller list is a direct reflection of the items going viral on TikTok. According to a report by SimilarWeb tracking product sales, beauty goods that went viral on TikTok earned an average of 85.3% month-on-month sales growth on Amazon. Revlon’s One-Step brush is a mainstay on the ecommerce site, sitting in the No. 1 beauty best-seller position (the brush first went viral in February 2020). Meanwhile, Revlon’s Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller sits at No. 3, and when the product went viral for a second time in spring 2021, it experienced 54% month-on-month Amazon sales growth in March and 65% growth in April. EOS’ shave cream is another favorite, seeing a 171% sales spike following its viral moment in February this year while inspiring a brand collab with the TikToker who first raved about it. Expert advice and product tutorials from popular dermatologists and makeup gurus on the app are also helping drive sales, while user generated content from TikTok subcultures provide an archive of the products everyday users can’t stop talking about. (Glossy)