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IKEA crafted an original TikTok song for its “Host Masters” holiday campaign.

Nov 22 2021

IKEA crafted an original TikTok song for its “Host Masters” holiday campaign. Creating original songs for TikTok is a trend brands have been tapping for some time now, and IKEA just debuted their first original TikTok song tied to its “Host Masters” campaign aimed at celebrating the return of holiday social gatherings. IKEA worked with Group Nine Media and Song Candy (a creative agency helping brands produce original songs) for its “Feels Just Like a Holiday” anthem, which includes on-brand quips like, “the glow of those candles from IKEA.” The song is grounded in TikTok research conducted by MRC Data that found 65% of TikTokers prefer to see videos from brands featuring an original sound and 58% say they feel more connected to brands when the music is enjoyable. YPulse’s social and mobile marketing research shows that 78% of young consumers say brands should make ads that fit in with what’s in their feed already, and original songs from brands is one way to play on the music trends being created on TikTok. (Marketing Dive)