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Young workers aren’t afraid to job-hop until they find their perfect match.

Nov 08 2021

Young workers aren’t afraid to job-hop until they find their perfect match. YPulse’s What’s Next for Work trend research found that 17% of Gen Z and 27% of Millennials who have quit their job in the last year say it’s because their job was not good for their mental health. The pandemic has also played significant role in their decision to quit, as many realized the “other elements of life” that virtual work has made possible while aligning their priorities to actually achieve a sense of work-life balance moving forward. Gen Z’s job transitions have increased by 80% according to LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, who tracked the percentage of LinkedIn members who changed the jobs listed in their profile in the past year, and young workers are publicly vocalizing their decision to quit. In July, a wave of TikTokers took to the app to document quitting their jobs, explaining how their work’s toxic culture and poor work-life balance ultimately led to their resignation. Organizational psychologist Anthony Klotz notes that experiencing traumatic events—like an unprecedented pandemic—makes people ask themselves existential questions, and after nearly two years of COVID-19, young workers aren’t afraid to back down from jobs that aren’t supporting their human needs. (Business Insider)