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Amazon’s Fairfax comedy series is now an IRL pop-up in L.A.

Nov 08 2021

Amazon’s Fairfax comedy series is now an IRL pop-up in L.A. To promote the launch of Amazon Prime Video’s Fairfax—an eight-episode comedy series following four middle schoolers on their quest for clout—the streaming service teamed up with agency Campfire to turn the show’s fictional “Latrine” shop (a.k.a. “hypebeast heaven”) into an IRL pop-up experience located in L.A.’s Fairfax district. Just like in the series, the pop-up serves as “the holy grail of streetwear” featuring custom merch (like Dr. Phil t-shirts and “bird poop” facial cream) and Instagrammable interactive features like The Drop Lever and Verified: The Ride—a giant, mechanized check mark playing on the lengths people will go to these days to achieve verified status on social media. Designer Jeff Staple created Jeff Staple x Pigeon t-shirts and hoodies for the occasion that are truly limited-edition as they will only be available until every item is sold out, for good. Visitors will also receive $100,000 in Latrineum bucks (basically Bitcoin) to spend at the pop-up, and select food joints located near the pop-up will accept the fake money for special discounts and giveaways. And while the show may be fictional, the pop-up echoes streetwear culture that has been popularized by real-life brands like Supreme. (Adweek)