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Netflix’s Emily in Paris is bringing shoppable content to season two.

Nov 08 2021

Netflix’s Emily in Paris is bringing shoppable content to season two. Following the viral success of season one last fall (that led to the surge in interest for berets, bucket hats, and colorful handbags), Netflix is teaming up with ViacomCBS on an online store where fans will be able to shop looks from Emily in Paris season two, premiering December 22. Viewers can shop luxury products from Chanel, AZ Factory, Eye M by Ileana Makri, and Zeus+Dione, along with Chanel-owned specialty labels like hats from Maison Michel, jewelry from Goossens Paris, and gloves from Causse Gantier on,, and each vendor’s ecommerce site. Mint Group curated the products and included a separate selection with My Beachy Side to give fans a taste of the resort wear inspired by season two episodes that were filmed in Saint-Tropez. Silky pajamas, quilted “Love” handbags, geometrically shaped sunglasses, and “C’est la vie” necklaces are also part of the shoppable collection. Jose Castro (a  senior vice president at ViacomCBS Consumer Products) notes, “The fashion in Emily in Paris is as important as the main character,” and now fans can bring the show to life by snagging apparel that’s not only inspired by the show, but actually featured in it. (WWD)