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TikTok is bringing back Tumblr culture.

Oct 29 2021

TikTok is bringing back Tumblr culture. It’s happening again—young TikTokers are reviving yet another trend from previous generations, and this time it hits close to home for many Millennials: the Tumblr days of 2014. TikTokers are rewinding to the (not so far off) days of cracked iPhone screens, black American Apparel skater skirts paired with leather combat boots, and wired headphones in a subculture dubbed “Tumblrcore.” Kirstin McCarlie (@kmcrli) often pieces together outfits on TikTok that speak to the “Tumblr girl trope” while other users are sharing “POV: it’s 2014” clips—#2014Tumblr counts 84.4M views. Trend and fashion forecaster @oldloserinbrooklyn recently explained in a TikTok clip how the “Indie Sleaze” aesthetic is coming back, providing “obscene amounts of evidence” that “provocative,” “grungy,” and “vintage” styles are making their way to mainstream TikTok culture despite not following the 20-year trend cycle, while Biz Sherbet (in-house culture specialist at The Digital Fairy) notes, “TikTok cycles through aesthetics incredibly quickly…therefore, styles from the 2010s, which still linger on in many of our wardrobes, are the last frontier of fashion that hasn’t already been recycled or over-exposed.” And although Tumblr is not nearly as popular as it once was (YPulse’s social media research shows that 6% of Gen Z and 10% of Millennials currently use Tumblr), it never hurts to reminisce on “simpler times” (even if they were only seven years ago). (Mashable)