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Hot Pockets’ Gen Z strategy has everything to do with Twitch and gaming culture.

Oct 27 2021

Hot Pockets’ Gen Z strategy has everything to do with Twitch and gaming culture. For years, Hot Pockets’ strategy for going after the next gen has been focused on the “true” buyers of their irresistible snack: moms/parents of the younger gen. And while the Nestlé-owned brand is still focused on moms/parents, they’re doubling down on their investment in gaming culture—specifically on Twitch. With the help of Reach Agency, Hot Pockets tied a national couponing program to Twitch via “Bits”—virtual tips that viewers can gift their favorite creators on Twitch. The activation asked consumers to scan a QR code (or visit a microsite) to add a Pockets for Bits card to their mobile wallet, and when they purchased Hot Pockets using the link in their mobile wallet, consumers would receive a unique code linked to their Twitch account where they could distribute Bits to their favorite creators. The Bits campaign was so successful that Hot Pockets had to shorten the program’s duration (originally expected to run for six weeks) while the activation drove a 36% conversion rate—significantly higher than its past couponing initiatives. Additionally, Hot Pockets has worked with Twitch creators by sponsoring streams, giving the brand an outlet to authentically connect with viewers without coming across as an overt ad read in creators’ content. YPulse’s gaming research found that 33% of Gen Z and 29% of Millennials say that they’re a gamer, and advertising on niche platforms like Twitch is becoming a youth marketing mainstay for reaching these generations. (Marketing Dive)