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A childfree “movement” is happening on TikTok.

Oct 04 2021

A childfree “movement” is happening on TikTok. We’ve told you about #MomTikTok#StudyTok, and basically every other TikTok subculture. Now, #ChildFreeTok (a subgenre that has garnered over 162 million views) is emerging in response to #MomTikTok as (mostly) young users normalize conversations around choosing to be childfree. #ChildFreeTok (42.7M views), #ChildFreeByChoice (70.8M views), and #NotHavingKids (3M views) are popular tags to discuss the childfree phenomenon, with clips of women talking about how even though they don’t want to have their own children they still aim to support their friend’s/family’s kids (*enter cool auntie vibes*), while destigmatizing a woman’s decision to forgo having kids. The childfree phenomenon has certainly picked up throughout the pandemic—according to Pew Research Center, the U.S. birth rate dropped 4% in 2020. Meanwhile, YPulse’s Millennial parenting report found that 52% of Gen Z females and 35% of Millennial females say they don’t want to bring a child into this world right now. (Mashable)