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Preppy fashion (a.k.a. “old money aesthetic”) is being revived on social media—for better or worse. 

Aug 26 2021

Preppy fashion (a.k.a. “old money aesthetic”) is being revived on social media—for better or worse. Also dubbed “dark academia,” “the WASP look,” or “the socialite lifestyle,” young social media users are (attempting) to breathe new life into the preppy look and lifestyle. Khaki pants, oxford shirts, tweed blazers, and tennis skirts are some of the pieces young people are obsessing over on social media, contrasting the Y2K and streetwear aesthetics also associated with younger generations. As some attempt to bring back these styles to feed their cravings of living an opulent lifestyle, young TikTokers are also educating their peers on the history of prep and wealth and others are actively advocating against the style. TikToker @deadhollywood is one who is dispelling the “WASP” and “socialite” looks by sharing how the preppy styles of the upper class are “the peak of white supremecist fashion,” explaining how they are “boring, lacking of creativity and innovation,” and most importantly how the styles of the time “rely on the exploitation and subjugation of the Black person.” Similar conversations have been popping up recently, including ones about Team USA’s 2020 Tokyo Olympic uniforms, with many calling for a “rebrand” of the outfits’ preppy aesthetic as the style is historically tied to whiteness and privilege. (Vox)