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Invisible Universe is an entertainment tech startup creating the “Pixar of the Internet.”

Aug 26 2021

Invisible Universe is an entertainment tech startup creating the “Pixar of the Internet.” After watching how fast fans fell in love with Qai Qai—the doll turned social media star belonging to Olympia Ohanian (Serena Williams’ and Alexis Ohanian’s three-year-old daughter)—Invisible Universe jumped on the opportunity to turn Qai Qai into an animated personality who sips juice from her own wine glass, poses with Williams and Olympia in matching bathing suits, and dances to the latest trends. And so became Invisible Universe’s core mission: become “the Pixar of the Internet” by “launching indelible character IP in a world where people are actually spending more and more of their time” (on social media). Invisible’s process is to team up with an influencer/celebrity that fits with the brand’s family-friendly roots, and collaborate on a character that is brought to life by Invisible’s illustrators, 3D artists, and animators. Since Qai Qai, more Invisible Universe characters have come to life as icons on social media including Squeaky & Roy (two plush besties who live in Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s home), Kayda & Kai (Karlie Kloss’ virtual assistant/robot and docking station), and Crazynho (a monkey who lives with Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves). The characters’ social media presence is strong—Squeaky & Roy participated in a TikTok challenge garnering 11 million views. More characters and celebrity mashups are in the works, including one launching later this year with Jennifer Aniston. YPulse’s influencers and celebrities research shows that 73% of young social media users follow a celebrity on social media (TV/movie stars, athletes, online celebrities, etc.), and Invisible Universe is changing the way young consumers engage with animated characters by bringing them to life with influencers/celebrities on social media. (Fast Company)