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EOS created a “Vagnastics” workout routine to normalize pubic grooming.

Aug 26 2021

EOS created a “Vagnastics” workout routine to normalize pubic grooming. Following its “Bless Your F*cking Cooch” shaving cream line inspired by TikToker Carly Joy’s viral video that praised the brand’s’ Shea Butter shaving cream, EOS is back with another kitschy campaign aimed at normalizing pubic shaving. A pumped-up jazzercise routine dubbed “Vagnastics” is the focus of the campaign, leaning into the spandex and neon ‘80s aesthetic while offering exercises that help shavers achieve an optimal (and less complicated) grooming experience. Moves like “Wartime Captain,” “the Cello,” and “the Dust Buster,” are included in the routine, and according to EOS’ CMO Soyoung Kang, “there’s no better way to destigmatize a topic than with humor…we’re having a bit of fun in acknowledging that your hooha can be hard to reach, but once you’re limbered up, EOS shave cream is there to take care of the rest of the job.” (Adweek)