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Kid techcos are creating outdoor-focused products to get children outside.

Aug 26 2021

Kid techcos are creating outdoor-focused products to get children outside. The boom for outdoor toys skyrocketed during the pandemic as Millennial parents and their kids found ways to stay active during quarantine and lockdown orders, and according to Statista outdoor-focused toys generated around $5.35 billion in U.S. sales last year. As tech continues to be a mainstay for Millennial families (YPulse research shows that 90% of Millennial parents have given their kids a major tech device), companies are marrying the concept of outdoor play with tech to encourage outdoor play. Flycatcher created a Smarty JoJo airplane and Smarty FLUTTER butterfly toys designed for preschoolers to take the toys on mini scavenger hunts; is gamifying young kids’ online learning environment with virtual classrooms and camps that give them challenges to share with others like taking a picture of themselves planting a tree; Biba Ventures uses AR to get kids to visit their local playground with its free Biba Playground Games mobile app that includes scavenger hunts or obstacle-like courses for kids to participate in. (Kidscreen)