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Some young couples are de-gendering their wedding celebrations.

Aug 12 2021

Some young couples are de-gendering their wedding celebrations. YPulse’s wedding research found that 54% of Gen Z and 38% of Millennials who are open to marriage say they don’t want their wedding to be traditional, and some couples are opting out of traditions that revolve around gender. According to a wedding planner in Seattle, couples are questioning “anything that feels super gendered or patriarchal or anything that supports the notion that women are property to be handed off from one man to another man.” Traditions like taking the husband’s last name, the father giving away the bride, dressing in an all-white wedding dress, and the bouquet and garter toss are some of the gendered traditions couples are choosing to forgo as many are “sexist, outdated, and need to be rethought,” another wedding planner notes. LGBTQ+ and nonbinary representation is especially important in the wedding space, and according to a 2018 Community & Marketing Insights survey of same-sex and queer identified couples, 83% of respondents say it’s important to see other LGBTQ+ couples on a wedding vendor’s website for them to consider doing business with them. YPulse’s Gender Blur trend research shows that young people’s attitudes toward gender are evolving (for the better), and the wedding industry’s inclusion efforts will be even more important for reaching next gen couples. (Yahoo! News)