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Buy Now, Pay Later services are becoming the next gen credit card.

Aug 10 2021

Buy Now, Pay Later services are becoming the next gen credit card. The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) trend is growing fast, and while the concept has been around for years, more companies are entering the space in a play for young shoppers. Square recently acquired Afterpay (which serves more than 16 million people and around 100,000 merchants), and Apple is reportedly teaming up with Affirm Holdings Inc.’s PayBright to launch an installment program for Apple devices bought in Canada. Unlike the traditional credit card, BNPL gives Gen Z and Millennials the confidence to make expensive purchases knowing they’ll be able to pay for it in weekly or bi-weekly installments that are typically interest-free. And with young people’s financial situations being altered during the pandemic, BNPL is helping them reach their financial goals without sacrificing their shopping habits. One user says she uses a BNPL service because it “feels cheaper” to pay via installments, and while she ends up paying the full cost over time, it’s a helpful way to budget her shopping. YPulse’s shopping and retail research shows that 29% of young consumers say they have used a BNPL service, and 36% say they’re interested in using one. (CNBC)