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Jack in the Box and more brands are tapping Discord to reach young audiences.

Aug 06 2021

Jack in the Box and more brands are tapping Discord to reach young audiences. To engage with pop culture fans during this year’s virtual Comic-Con, the fast food chain went to Discord for “Jack’s Late Night Discord,” featuring a virtual concert with superhero-themed band The Aquabats, interactive channels dedicated to Funko Pop figures and the Marvel Cinematic and DC Universes, an exclusive product “leak,” and an NFT auction. During the first 24 hours, the brand saw more than 5,500 members on Discord—a record high number of members on a branded community for the platform—and grew to 7,664 users throughout the weekend. Discord recently held an “agency day” to educate brands and marketers on how to develop creative campaigns that authentically engage with the communities on the platform. Chipotle, AllSaints, and Skittles also have servers on Discord, and YPulse’s social media research shows Discord is among the top 10 social networks used by young people, with Gen Z males fueling the community. (Marketing DiveAdAge)