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Doritos is recruiting a “Flavor Confirmer” on TikTok.

Aug 06 2021

Doritos is recruiting a “Flavor Confirmer” on TikTok. Creating Gen Z dream jobs is becoming a major marketing trend, and Doritos is the latest to create a buzzy job title with its first-ever Flavor Confirmer—a.k.a. someone who is dealt the (extremely yummy) task of tasting a chip per day to make sure the brand’s well-known Nacho cheese flavor remains consistent. Doritos launched a TikTok challenge with influencer AdamW (who is also running the rules and regulations of the challenge), and users must explain why they’re qualified for the job/what makes them the ideal Flavor Confirmer—the more creative their response, the better. Users can apply until August 16 by posting their response via the #duet feature, and Doritos will share the top five applicants’ videos on its TikTok channel to help determine which user will become the official Flavor Confirmer based on how many likes their videos amass. Doritos’ effort is part of its “Forever on Another Level” campaign celebrating the brand’s history by showing the timeless beauty of its Nacho Cheese flavor. (Adweek)