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Gen Z and Millennials are becoming food stars on TikTok.

May 26 2021

Gen Z and Millennials are becoming food stars on TikTok. Foodies were already creating viral worthy dishes on TikTok before the pandemic, but in the early months of 2020 #TikTokFood took on a whole new meaning as people tried their hand at Dalogna coffee, sourdough bread, and TikTok pasta. Now, young food content creators (many of whom got their start when everyone was cooking in the kitchen during quarantine) are building careers—some are even making six figures and building their own brands—thanks to the FoodTok community and the app’s ability to deliver their content to such a wide audience. YPulse’s Comfort in the Kitchen trend research shows that 83% of 13-39-year-olds agree that cooking is a creative outlet, and 44% have cooked a recipe that was going viral on social media. While restaurant and celebrity chefs are also serving up their own tasty content on the app, what’s unique about young food stars is their ability to relate to their audience and show other young people (or those who aren’t skilled in the kitchen) that they can become an effortlessly good cook as well. Facebook, BuzzFeed Tasty, YouTube, and Instagram have all had their own viral food moments, but TikTok’s video format allows people to follow a recipe step-by-step and cook in an interactive way that feels unique. (NYT)