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Move over, skinny jeans—wide-leg denim is in.

Apr 12 2021

Move over, skinny jeans—wide-leg denim is in. Millennials and Gen Z have been feuding over skinny jeans, and according to Levi’s, the style may indeed be on its way out. In the last year, they noticed an uptick in sales in wide-leg styles of jeans like a pair that balloons out at the bottom and another that is high-rise at the waist and loose fitting (a.k.a “mom jeans.“) Now, the company said that the world might finally “be entering into the early stages of a new denim cycle.” They’re predicting that shoppers will soon be flocking to “loose-hanging, wide-leg and flare jeans”—a trend that was especially “prolific” in the ‘90s. The shift has been driven largely by Gen Z—and similar styles of the jeans have been found on sites they shop on, like Shein, Princess Polly, Urban Outfitters, and Revolve. (CNBC)