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Is Roblox “the future of education”? 

Mar 31 2021

Is Roblox “the future of education”? Roblox’s popularity has exploded among young gamers in the last year, and has become a social space for them to virtually hangout in—and YPulse found that Roblox is among kids’ favorite games. But the platform sees education as a part of their future. According to the company, they have 200 million users, with two-thirds of them being of school-going age—and they host “more students every month than all school-going children in the U.S., U.K., and Canada combined.” With their level of scale, direct access, and market power, they’re on track to “disrupt” the multi-trillion dollar education market, which has been “resistant to change,” and already lists over 300 partner educational institutions as its partners. The social networking aspect of the platform has made it not as favored among teachers in the past, but with improved security measures combined with the pressures of the pandemic, more have adopted it to teach coding, animation, and digital civility. (Fast Company)