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Most consumers think brands should be encouraging people to get the COVID vaccine. 

Mar 30 2021

Most consumers think brands should be encouraging people to get the COVID vaccine. YPulse’s marketing during COVID-19 special report found that 84% of 13-39-year-olds believe brands just have as much responsibility as everyone else in helping to stop the spread of the virus, and according to a Harris poll, 60% of consumers think non-healthcare brands have an “obligation” to encourage people to get vaccinated. The majority (70%) say they support brands sharing factual information about how and where to get vaccines, while 62% say they believe brands have an obligation to dispel any myths surrounding the vaccines. Following Krispy Kreme’s promo to give free donuts away to newly vaccinated customers, 70% of consumers think brand rewards like that could work to encourage people to get vaccinated, while 60% say they’d be more likely to buy from a brand if they offered promos encouraging vaccinations. But younger people are more likely to trust what they see on social media than what they hear from brands compared to previous generations: 44% percent of Millennials and 37% of Gen Z say they trust brands more than they trust information on social media compared to 63% of Gen Z and 73% of Boomers. (Adweek)