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Nerf is hiring a CTO (a.k.a “Chief TikTok Officer”). 

Mar 30 2021

Nerf is hiring a CTO (a.k.a “Chief TikTok Officer”). Gen Z wants brands to create social media ads that fit in with what’s already in their feeds—and Nerf is going straight to the source to make sure they do TikTok right. The Hasbro-owned toy brand is hiring a Chief TikTok Officer to head the company’s marketing and help them connect with Gen Z customers. The role is three months long and is paying $30K, and the chosen candidate will also receive “a massive amount of Nerf products.” They will be expected to create ten to 12 videos on TikTok per month, and meet with Nerf’s marketing team (who describe themselves as “Desperate Millennials trying to appeal to Gen Z) weekly to brainstorm new ideas. Applicants are being asked to “Post the perfect Nerf related TikTok video” on the app using #NerfApplication. (The VergeHasbro)