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Creativity helped Gen Z thrive and survive during the pandemic. 

Dec 15 2020

Creativity helped Gen Z thrive and survive during the pandemic. According to VSCO’s Year in Review survey of their creative community (which is roughly 75% 14-25-year-olds), “creative expression” was a key coping mechanism for Gen Z in 2020. “Love” and “Happy” were the top two most-used words on the app—with more than one million photos added to the platform daily. Thirty-four percent of respondents say finding ways to be creative helped them (surpassing staying connected to family and friends at 32%), while 44% said their creative hobbies helped them “relieve stress and stay mentally well during a stressful year.” Two-thirds said they spent more time on creative hobbies like photography, baking, making clothes, tie-dying, and music compared to previous years, while 43% said they developed new creative hobbies. Our hobbies and pastimes in quarantine research found that getting creative was the second most popular hobby that young consumers picked up. (PRNewswire)