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How 3 Big Brands Are Personalizing Their Products

Personalized products are everywhere this season, with major brands ramping up their customization for young consumers looking for something special… 


Personalization is trending for holidays 2020. According to Pinterest, as COVID continues to upend in-person gatherings and celebrations, “people are putting more time and effort into making their gifts and smaller celebrations special.” Searches for “personalized Christmas ideas” increased 46% as well as “sentimental gifts for best friend” doubled in October compared to the same month last year. And according to Etsy, the most-searched term on the site is “personalized gifts.”

YPulse has been keeping tabs on young consumers’ interest in personalized products for years, and our Customization Nation trend report found that 72% of 13-34-year-olds agree that products that are personalized for each individual are superior to mass-produced products, and 74% are interested in buying products that are customized to their taste/made specifically for them. According to Dassault Systèmes and CITE Research, customers are willing to pay an average of 25% more for a personalized product or service. 

But personalization isn’t just being found on Etsy this season. Increasingly, we’re seeing big name brands find ways to customize their products on a large scale. Here are three major brands ramping up their personalized products to reach young consumers during the holidays this year:

Oreo’s OreoID
Ahead of the holidays, Mondelez International launched a site for its Oreo brand using OreoID technology where customers can order customized versions of their sandwich cookies. Users will be able to choose from eight colors of creme filling, and can choose the option to have them dipped in fudge and cover the edges with combinations of eight sprinkle colors. Oreo is also offering additional features such as adding photos, or personalized messages like “Happy Birthday!” in a variety of fonts and colors. The packaging options range from single party favors at $2.50 each (with a minimum order of 20) to a gift box of 24 cookies for $52.95. Next month, Oreo is also teaming up with Lady Gaga for a “Sing It With Oreo” campaign to release limited-edition cookies, and as a part of the launch, they’re letting customers to create personal messages for friends and love ones that will be “translated into a song” to be shared on social media. This isn’t the first time Mondelez has given their brands a personal twist: In January, customers were given the option of creating their own Sour Patch Kids mix by picking and choosing from eight different flavors, as well as adding the name of the recipient on the package.

Dunkin’ Personalized Merch
Last year, Dunkin’ launched a successful merch line and decided to bring it back (especially as more food brands got in on the trend) with some new features. While the donut and coffee chain added more fun products (like a mini fridge and a tandem bike) to their lineup of apparel goods, they also added the option to personalize products this year. Custom caps, shirts, laptop cases, and phone cases, that can be created especially with anyone’s name. Dunkin’ also recently teamed up with Homesick for limited edition candles with scents like Dunkin’s Original Blend Coffee and Old Fashion Donuts—and customers have the option to personalize the glass jars.

Coca-Cola Custom Bottles
While Coca-Cola’s popular Share a Coke campaign has been around since the mid-2000s, the company is launching a special extension of it this holiday season with special packaging and personalization options for special bottles. As part of their “Holiday Heroes” campaign, the brand is honoring everyday heroes such as nurses, teachers, moms, and grandparents. The packaging will include more than 40 monikers celebrating those who “have gone the extra mile helping their communities and families this year.” Fans will also be able to visit to send a special bottle to someone in their life who is “brightening their holiday.” Under the “Custom Coca-Cola Bottles” section, customers are able to choose from various packaging to appropriately fit whichever special occasion they’re celebrating and can personalize the bottles with a name, phrase, or choose from custom designs like team logos, Greek letters, or eSports artwork. They can select to purchase either individual bottles or create a 6-pack with the choice to mix and match—and finally, add personalized gift boxes or bags to their order. Besides offering customized coke bottles, they have a section dedicated entirely for “Personalized Gifts” full of mugs, phone covers, and t-shirts.