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What Millennials Are Buying to Make Their Homes Into Havens Right Now

Millennials are spending on their spaces right now—here are 21 things they’ve purchased to make their homes more comfortable…


In the wake of quarantines, the meaning of home has shifted for young consumers. Millennials have long been a homebody generation, happy to stay in on a Saturday night and binge watch shows, but when it was forced upon them, some wondered if they would change their tune and crave time out of their spaces. But we’ve found that this time has actually intensified their feelings about their home spaces: Our new No Place Like Home trend research shows that 82% of Millennials agree that their home has provided them comfort during COVID-19.

Home has become a retreat in a way previously unimagined—and whether they own those homes or not, we found that Millennials are spending to improve their spaces, with 65% saying they have purchased items to make their home more comfortable during quarantine. So what have they been buying? We asked them, and found some classically Millennial things at the top of the list:

What Have They Purchased To Make Their Homes More Comfortable During Quarantine?

  1. Bedding
  2. Video games / Gaming equipment
  3. TV
  4. Furniture
  5. Couch
  6. Food / beverage
  7. Home decorations
  8. Bed / Mattress
  9. Cleaning supplies / Protective gear
  10. Entertainment tech / Service
  11. Outdoor accessories
  12. Heating / cooling system
  13. Kitchen appliances
  14. Computer / Computer parts
  15. Carpet
  16. Art supplies
  17. Plants
  18. Toys / Games
  19. Fitness equipment
  20. Organization / Storage
  21. Lighting

Sleep and staying cozy have been priorities for this generation while in quarantine, with new bedding topping the list of what they’ve purchased to make their homes more comfortable during quarantine. We found that over a quarter of Millennials have purchased bedding or sheets since COVID began.

But video games and consoles and TVs ranked second and third as the items they’ve purchased during quarantine to make their homes more comfortable. Of course, for Millennials, these are just as vital to coziness and comfort as any blanket—they consider media medicine, and they have been turning to content to help them get through this time. Entertainment tech also made the ranking, encompassing everything from speakers to streaming services—and providing more evidence that this generation needs their content to feel comfortable.

But the rest of the ranking is filled with items that show how much nesting Millennials are doing right now—and what an opportunity this generation is for home brands. Furniture and home décor are in the top 10 of the list, and we found that home renters were just as likely to have made these types or purchases as home owners. Though this generation might not be purchasing homes at the same rate or at the same ages as previous generations, that’s not holding them back from making the spaces they call home the best they can be—especially now.


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