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Here’s How Many Gen Z & Millennials Plan to Sign Up to Disney+

Disney’s new streaming service will be launching soon—and we asked young consumers if they plan to sign up. Here’s how many said they’ll be Disney+ subscribers…

We’re just about one month away from the launch of Disney’s first-ever streaming service, Disney+. The SVOD service will roll out within the U.S. this November for $6.99 per month—two dollars cheaper than Netflix. The move is a clear effort to win back some of the viewers that have been lost to streaming competitors. Back in 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that kids aren’t watching Disney’s channels like they used to, with ratings, revenue, and viewership reportedly dropping across both its children and teen networks (Disney Channel and Freeform). Among its core demos, two-11-year-olds and six-14-year-olds, ratings have slipped 13% and 18% since last year, respectively. Streaming has changed kids’ TV, and Disney is catching up in a big way. They’ve been pulling their animated content off of Netflix in preparation for their own exclusive streaming. But it’s not just kids they’re after. Disney+ will have exclusive content for nostalgic Millennials, including reboots and remakes of some of their favorite childhood shows (hello, Lizzie McGuire) and movies (Home Alone, for better or worse). The service will also have exclusive Marvel and Star Wars content—including new shows featuring fan favorites of the franchises.

With a wealth of content—and Disney already an all-around favorite brand among young generations—Disney+ has been forecasted to be a game changer for the industry. The Atlantic reported that Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox means they own up to 40% of U.S. movies and television, which they can potentially add exclusively to their service. But Millennials are also known to be devout Netflix lovers—and YPulse data shows that the majority of young media streamers already pay for two to four SVOD services. Will they be racing to sign up for another yet another? Our most recent entertainment and TV survey asked them straight out. Here’s exactly how many told us they already plan to subscribe to Disney+:

Over a quarter of 13-37-year-olds overall already plan to subscribe to Disney’s streaming service. This number is driven by older Millennials, with over a third of the 25-37-year-old groups saying they plan to subscribe. Digging further into the data, we can see that Millennial parents are especially on board as planned Disney+ subscribers:

An impressive 54% of Millennial parents tell us they plan to sign up for Disney+. This aligns with the generation’s parenting habits so far: 64% tell us that their child watches more content on streaming services that on cable. So it makes sense that they’d be eager to sign up for another streaming resource—especially one that has some of the most famous, and favorite, family content of all time. But our data also indicates that they’re not just planning to sign up for the kids: Millennial dads were far more likely than moms to say that they plan to be Disney+ subscribers—so it might be those older male Star Wars and Marvel fans with families that are most ready to jump on board.