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Teens Turn #StopJuuling Into A Dark Joke On The Viral List

Teens are turning to dark humor to cope with Juuling deaths, everyone is Comparing Rihanna’s fashion show to another big brand, Millie Bobby Brown’s skincare routine video is a flop, and more moments that are taking over social media this week…


1. Dark Humor Is Teens’ Coping Mechanism For Vaping Deaths

News that vaping can reportedly kill has hit the media, and instead of setting down their Juuls, Gen Z is doing what they do best: prescribing a dose of dark humor. #StopJuuling started trending across social media when people posted legitimate calls to action for teens to recognize the health effects of vaping. People took the call to action seriously as they threw away or destroyed their Juuls, reports The Verge. But the movement has since transformed into a dark meme à la Tide Pods or Pepe the Frog. The New York Post reports that the mocking trend has especially taken off across TikTok. A prime example is @VikkiStaysSaucy’s video where she dramatically says, “I want to show the effects of juuling”—and then turns the camera to her injured toe.

2. Savage x Fenty’s Fashion Show Could Make Waves for Competitors

Rihanna put on a put on a star-studded show for her Savage x Fenty lingerie brand that’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video for the Post-TV Gen. The Cut reports the brand beloved by Gen Z and Millennials’ show was inclusive and empowering, going beyond just size and skin tone with differently-abled and non-binary models strutting down the runway and redefining what it means to be beautiful and confident. Reviews of the event are overwhelmingly positive, and inevitably drew comparisons to Victoria’s Secret annual show. WWD wrote, “After attending five Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows, Rihanna’s [Savage x Fenty] changed me.” It looks like Bad Gal RiRi’s all-black-wearing, whip-wielding models are stealing the spotlight from Victoria’s Secret Angels.

3. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Weird Kissing Video Sparks A Mega-Viral Meme

Musicians Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have broken the internet with their PDA-packed make-out video. In an Instagram video that already has over 22.6 million views, the two kiss “like fish” intentionally—a silly rebuff of their haters, many of whom still refuse to believe they’re actually dating. BuzzFeed reports that this is the first time the celebrity couple has (sort of) confirmed their relationship, which is part of the reason the video has hit a new level of virality. Celebrity reactions also helped propel its view count, per Refinery29. However, the real reason it’s all over the internet is that the moment is infinitely meme-able. Exhibit A: @notallgeminis’s horoscope-inspired versions.


4. Millie Bobby Brown’s Skincare Routine Is Unbelievable—& Not In A Good Way

Millie Bobby Brown is in hot water for not using any water, or any product, in her “skincare routine” video. As a refresher, the Stranger Things star recently launched a beauty brand called Florence by Mills. Now, she’s promoting the product line—but her first attempt was a fail. In a video that has over 468,000 YouTube views and many more across social media, Brown shows off her “Nighttime skincare routine,” but as The Cut explains, “Her hands are dry. Her face is dry. She is rubbing her bare, dry hands on her face.” Fans also noticed, and the video has earned similar ire to Shay Mitchell’s Biore promotion. BuzzFeed reports that Brown has since apologized via an Instagram post where she writes she was “replicating [her] personal process” and is “still learning the best way to share [her] routines.”


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