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Infographic Snapshot: Millennials on Weddings

To keep up with the generation changing weddings, we asked 800 18-33-year-olds all about traditions, trends, and what they want when they say “I do.” 

Millennials might have been accused of killing marriage, but the truth is they’re just changing the path to the aisle—and once they get there, they have their own ideas on what the day that walk down that aisle will be like. According to Ypulse’s research, 24% of 18-33-year-olds are currently married, and 14% are open to the idea or plan to be married in the near future, as we’ve outlined below, 90% of this age groups has been to a wedding. Millennials getting married is big business, especially for those innovating in the industry. As brides, grooms, wedding party members, and guests, they’re spending plenty on nuptials. In fact, 23% of 25-33 year-olds who have taken a trip in the last year did so to go to a wedding. We outlined some of the biggest trends the new generation of wedding-attendees have spotted, from the non-traditional to the digital—but now we’re serving up some of the biggest stats know about Millennials getting married. The traditions they’re keeping and tossing, the values on the rise, and what they really want when they say “I do” are all in our infographic snapshot: 

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