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Tattoos at Whole Foods?: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Tattoos coming to Whole Foods (for Millennials of course), YouTube Red’s Secrets, what Millennial guys want in a girl (it’s money), and the rest of the trends and news you won’t want to miss this Valentine’s weekend. Enjoy! 

1. Tattoos at Whole Foods?

Millennials are transforming college dining, and everyone in the food industry seems to be acing to keep up with them. Even brands who have had some success with the generation are experimenting with new ways to attract them—and some  might seem a bit extreme. Don’t miss the rumor that Whole Foods might bring tattoo parlors into their 365 spin-off chain. They’re not the only ones thinking that ink might be the way to bring in young consumers—casinos are considering it as well.

2. Baby Got Bank

Valentine’s Day is just days away. We know that chocolate and candy are at the top of their shopping lists, and gave you even more data on who they’re buying for, how much they’re spending, and how they feel about the occasion. But even though Millennial guys are spending more on their Valentine’s gifts, they still want a girl who can pay the bills. Don’t miss the study that found that unlike previous generations, Millennial men put financial attractiveness ahead of physical attractiveness in their search for a significant other.

3. YouTube Red’s Secrets

The launch of AT&T’s Hello Lab and YouTube red are signs of online video’s evolution from vlogs to bigger-budget, brand backed productions, and friendertainment is taking over the media world. Don’t miss one of the big differences between YouTube and YouTube Red—beyond the $9.99 a month fee and original content. YouTube Red shows and movies won’t show view count—so their popularity will stay secret.

4. Brands’ New Go-To Millennial Athlete

The five biggest trends we saw during the Super Bowl marketing showdown included celebrities, celebrities, and more celebrities. It seemed like every brand was banking on famous faces—of singers, actors, and athletes. Don’t miss one athlete who was in those commercial breaks and is becoming a go-to for brands hoping to impress Millennials. James Harden helped introduce the world to Taco Bell’s Quesalupa, and is now the face of Trolli gummy candy. 

5. Links We’re Passing

Happy Valentine’s Day! Millennials are celebrating, but the majority do think it’s an overrated holiday, and we’ve noted in the past that they have a tendency to make light of it. Don’t miss Twitter’s takedown of romantic songs, which used the hashtag #KeepALoveSongHonest to turn romantic ballads into truthbombs about relationships. (“Your kiss Is on my list, and then groceries.”)