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Uber Delivering Home Alone Pizza: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Uber bringing a Millennial favorite to life, Starbucks’ #RedCups mania, a portrait of a modern family, and more stories you won’t want to miss this week! 

1. A Lovely Cheese Pizza Ubered Just For You

We’re seeing signs of a new breed of fan destination, created in homage to entertainment and giving fandoms a place to celebrate their collective passion IRL. Brands could learn from the trend and create experiences around the media that Millennials love. We saw one example of just that today: don’t miss Uber’s one-day campaign honoring one of Millennials’ holiday favorites. For the 25th anniversary of Home Alone, UberEATS made Millennials’ dreams come true by bringing the film’s famous Little Nero’s pizza to life, delivering Kevin McCallister specials in cities across the country.

2. Portrait of Modern Parenting

The New Parents On The Block are continuing to grow in number, and we recently surveyed Millennial parents to find out more about their behavior and beliefs. We told you that only 40% of this generation’s parents are staying at home with their kids, now don’t miss the New York Times portrait of a modern family: “Stressed, Tired, Rushed.” On balancing two working parents and raising children, one Millennial mom says, “’You basically just always feel like you’re doing a horrible job at everything. You’re not spending as much time with your baby as you want, you’re not doing the job you want to be doing at work, you’re not seeing your friends hardly ever.’”

3. H&M x Balmain = Destruction

Fashion brand capsule collections have been around as long as some Millennials can remember, but we continue to see them create buzz—and in some cases mania—among young consumers. Case in point: the new Balmain x H&M is so wildly popular that it is currently selling on eBay for prices that make it more expensive than some actual Balmain items. Don’t miss the somewhat terrifying video showing consumers in Paris stampeding and fighting to get their hands on a piece of the collection.

4. Starbucks #RedCups Mania

Moving on to a less violent brand mania example…Starbucks has managed to become a seasonal juggernaut among young consumers with limited-time products and designs that celebrate autumn and winter. The brand’s red cups come out as the holidays approach, but don’t miss how fans have been showing their excitement for this year’s design on social media. #RedCups earned more than 40,000 tweets in one day when the new cup was revealed this week, and Starbucks says that in 2014 “a picture of the red cups uploaded every 14 seconds within the first two days of the campaign.”

5. Links We’re Passing

As the holidays approach, more brands are launching campaigns to get their products under the tree. Don’t miss that this year, American Girl is tapping into the “buy one give one” social good trend and donating a doll to a girl in need for every doll purchased in November. But one of the trendiest gadgets might have some holiday trouble: don’t miss Walmart’s decision to back away from hoverboards this season.