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Debunking the Pumpkin Spice Hair Trend: Friday Don’t Miss List

What the pumpkin spice hair trend is really all about, what you don’t understand about Snapchat, a curated luxury shopping app for Millennial guys, and the rest of the news and trends to finish Friday with…


1. Pumpkin Spice Hair: It’s All In The Name

It seems every week there’s a new hair trend on social, and this week some eyes rolled at the latest: Pumpkin Spice Hair. But how is red hair a new trend? Don’t miss Mic’s take on the topic: it’s not about the hair color, it’s all about the name. The trending hair color combinations aren’t necessarily new, but now they’re being given hashtag-able names, “in large part thanks to the rise of Instagram-famous hairstylists like Aura Friedman who share their own creations with their followers, often with a slew of hashtags.” So the real trend is the creative naming, and then spreading the word on social media. (Oh, by the way, have you seen #GalaxyHair?)

2. What You Don’t Understand About Snapchat

There are plenty of reasons that marketers should be up-to-date on their Snapchat marketing tactics. Native content on the app is earning some brands millions of viewers, and new marketing options are quickly developing. But Fast Company says that the platform is “wildly misunderstood even by key media partners.” Don’t miss what you’re missing about the app: it might be full of contradictions, but could very well be the future of entertainment media.

3. Back to the Future Day

This week, brands came out to play for Back to the Future Day, the very day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visit in the movie. Pepsi released a Pepsi Perfect collector’s edition bottle, Toyota created a spot reuniting Marty and Doc, and Nike released special edition self-lacing sneakers—but don’t miss that one of the most anticipated products of the movie could finally be a reality. Just in time for the big event, Hendo has released news of their actual, real hoverboard.

4. Curated Luxury—On Your Phone

Some of the most buzz-worthy new apps are ones that give that sharing a twist, Don’t miss another that puts a spin on sharing products: Curatim is a new app to add to the growing list of tools catering to the young male shopper. The mobile e-tailer is all about discovering new products in fashion and design, but rather than overwhelm users with cool stuff, Curatum highlights just a single luxury item each day. Users can browse the timeline if they’d like to see more selection, and Curatum also provides customized recommendations to users based on their previous shopping behavior.

5. Links We’re Passing

The internet has not only revived the music video, it’s made them perhaps more important than ever before. Don’t miss even more evidence of that fact: Adele’s first new track in four years was released as a music video on Vevo, and the internet is going crazy for it. The video has been watched more than 6 million times in 24 hours.