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Doritos Go Rainbow: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Doritos’ bold makeover for equality, high fashion binge watching, links we’re passing: pop queen edition, and more trends and news to know this Friday. Enjoy! 

1. Bold Rainbow Taste (For a Good Cause)

Doritos is telling young consumers “There’s nothing bolder than being yourself,” and putting their rainbow where your mouth is. Their limited edition Doritos Rainbows are a partnership with the It Gets Better Project to support LGBT youth. Anyone who donates $10 or more to the organization will receive a special bag of the chips, which are not available in stores. 

2. Fashion Binge

This week we looked at Millennials and entertainment, from their disruptive behaviors, to the new trends they’re helping to grow, and the TV shows they watch and plan to watch. Binge watching has become a huge part of all of this disruption, and the way they consume the shows they love—don’t miss a high fashion take on the trend. Opening Ceremony’s Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook is all about binge watching, featuring models clad in haute looks, gazing at a screen and lounging in beds and couches.

3. Stand Up To Learn

Some think that today’s schools need a major makeover, from design to curriculums. We gave 5 predictions on what the school of the future could look like, including a complete redesign to fight obesity. Don’t miss a more manageable change that could do the same thing: standing school desks. Jaswig is a startup that makes kid-sized standing desks, for kindergarten through high school. Co-founder Matias Ellegiers tells Fast Company, “Sitting is the norm in our society. This norm has proven to be unhealthy. Our mission is to address this global issue at its origin.”

4. Accio Cocktail

We’ve talked about how the Harry Potter fandom “will never die,” and continues to create content devoted to their passion. Don’t miss what happens when Millennials put a grown up spin on their Hogwarts-sized obsession: the Harry Potter themed bar. The Lockhart, a bar in Toronto, Canada, is sure to attract many an adult Potter fan, with design elements that pay homage to Potter’s patronus, a potions and elixirs wall, and drinks named after characters in the books.

5. Links We’re Passing: Pop Queen Edition

Music is having a social media moment, and this week two pop queens surprised fans with new tracks on social as well. Don’t miss Beyonce’s new track, and Gaga’s song, “Til It Happens To You,” which has a deeper, distressing meaning