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Get Ready For Anti-Starbucks: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The anti-Starbucks is coming (and it’s bulletproof), Millennials’ student debt ripple-effect, ordering food with emoji, and more trends and tidbits to know before the week runs out. 

1. The Anti-Starbucks

A new potential coffee behemoth is about to launch, and it’s based on a serious Millennial foodie trend. Bulletproof is taking the concept of high-fat coffee (usually mixed with butter and other oils) and creating a full-fledged brand around it. The first location will open in Santa Monica soon, and the burgeoning brand just raised another $9 million to spread their buttery wings. Founder Dave Asprey says he doesn’t want to be the next Starbucks, but instead create “high quality, high purity” products that “upgrade your life.”

2. The Student Debt Ripple Effect

Millennials’ student debt has reached crippling levels, and new, unorthodox ways of paying off that debt are beginning to emerge. It only makes sense that this mini-economy of out-of-the-box debt solutions is growing, because the generation’s debt has a serious ripple-effect on the overall economy. With $1.2 trillion in average loans total, debt is contributing to delays in home buying, family starting, and more. 

3. Craving Emoji Pizza?

Brands continue to create emoji-centric marketing campaigns in order to appeal to Millennials and teens, and now a new startup is giving them the chance to speak emoji to order up their cravings. Fooji is a New York and San Francisco delivery platform that lets users tweet food emojis to @gofooji to have their desired dish delivered to them. Every item costs $15, and the location it will come from is a surprise.

4. Fame’s Changing Face

We asked Millennials and teens 13-32-years-old to tell us who their favorite celebrity is, and why they name that person as their favorite, then culled their responses down into a top-ten list of influencers. Though their top responses were from traditional markets (actors and musicians) that doesn’t by any means discount the growing influence and sway of digital celebrities. Need proof that the face of fame is quickly shifting? Variety found that eight out of the top 10 slots in a survey ranking talent among teens (not necessarily their favorites, but taking “approachability, authenticity and other criteria” into account) are now taken up by YouTubers.

5. The Miracle of LEGO

This week in links we’re passing…If you’re in need of a happy-fix to start the weekend off, take a look at the new invention making prosthetics fun for disabled kids. The IKO Creative Prosthetic System incorporates LEGOs into prosthetic arms, giving kids who wear it the chance to change up their hands for creative, playful items and to bridge the gap between disabled and able-bodied kids playing together.