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Merman Hair, Dad: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The men’s beauty fads to know about, selfie stick bans to ponder, young talent to watch, and links to click before the weekend begins. It’s the Friday Don’t Miss List! 


1. MerMAN Hair, Dad! 

In this week’s Trending Index, we updated you on the offline trends and cultural movements that are on their way up, or on their way out. Don’t miss one that just surfaced! (Ahem.) Merman hair is the latest male beauty fad, and young guys are dying everything from mohawks to beards in bright, bold colors. The look is considered fashion-forward, and is currently “blowing up” on Instagram. Though we don’t think it’s exactly widespread, it’s yet another example that Millennial men aren’t necessarily interested in traditional male grooming. Also, Mermen haven’t gotten this much attention since Zoolander. 

2. Beard of the Month

Speaking of male grooming…We told you the top ten beauty brands for Millennial ladies and guys, and noted that smart marketing was a likely driver of some of the male top picks. Don’t miss the latest grooming brand targeting them: the Dollar Beard Club has burst onto the scene with a commercial that parodies the wildly viral Dollar Shave Club spot. While the video might look like just a joke, the service is more than real, and will sell beard-sporting guys oils and shampoos to keep their un-shaved faces looking sharp.

3. Ypulse on Millennials

We started the week with Ypulse President Dan Coates telling our readers why believing Millennials are overhyped is a big mistake. Don’t miss our end of the week take on the topic: Ypulse Editor in Chief MaryLeigh Bliss visited Fortune Live to talk about the importance of appealing to the generation, Millennial marketing mistakes, and the brands that are getting it right.

4. Dope One to Watch

Our new Trending Index series isn’t just about fads, we’re also keeping an eye out for the young talent capturing attention (and Millennials and teens’ hearts). Don’t miss another one to watch: Shameik Moore is starring in the acclaimed film Dope, and will soon be featured in Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix series The Get Down. The 20-year-old actor has even higher ambitions, and tells The Daily Beast, “what I’m about to present is something historical.” Better keep your eye on him then.

5. Links We’re Passing

The happiest place on earth just got a little less selfie-friendly: Disney theme parks are the latest venues to ban selfie sticks. Reportedly the biggest stocking stuffer gift of 2014 the selfie stick is increasingly unwelcome. Sports venues, music festivals and museums have been placing bans on the item—but that won’t stop the selfie craze. 24% of 13-32-year-olds tell us they have taken one in the last week.