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Five Things To Know: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Whisper’s big secret, the perks of Instagram fame, and the links we’re passing. It’s all the Millennial news you need to know to end the week!


1. Insta-Perks

Our rundown of some of the creative Instagram marketing you should know about showed that brands are thinking out of the box to find new ways to use the platform. Now don’t miss the ways that Instagram’s influential users are working with brands, and profiting from the relationships. From luxury cars to all-paid trips to access to high-end fashion props, social currency is earning these creative young upstarts major Insta-perks.

2. Don’t Look, Just Shoot

We’ve in the midst of a photo-sharing frenzy, but cameras are being left behind by young consumers. So some brands are updating their tech to keep up with the smartphone set. But don’t miss the camera trying a different approach. The latest Leica digital camera is eliminating tech elements by taking away the LCD back screen, forcing users to use just the viewfinder and “really think about what they’re shooting and how they’re shooting it.” The idea of being “in the moment” and untied from technology, while still having access to its convenience when they need, is one that does appeal to some Millennials, so the concept could have niche appeal.

3. Whisper’s Big Secret

This week we tackled the most recent wave of rumors that teens are fleeing Facebook. Our diagnosis? They aren’t stopping use en masse, but they are using it less than older consumers, thanks in part to the fact that they want to spend time on platforms where they can be less censored. But you shouldn’t miss that one of these newer platforms is in big trouble. Whisper, the app for anonymous sharing, isn’t as anonymous as they claimed. They have been tracking the location of users, and has shared information on those users with the US Department of Defense, BuzzFeed has severed their partnership with the app in the wake of the news, but based on data breaches by other apps in the past, we wouldn’t bet on a user exodus.

4. How To Parent Like BuzzFeed

Millennials are becoming parents, and their approach to the role will undoubtedly differ from previous generations. We covered some of the new products that are tapping into new parents’ cravings for tech-solutions, and it’s clear that brands are finding ways to reach this generation of parents. Don’t miss the news that BuzzFeed is launching a parents newsletter next week to provide tips, laughs, and inspiration to readers approaching parenthood with a unique perspective.

5. Links We’re Passing

You might think that a J.Crew model would look totally pulled-together, but one clever catalogue reader has revealed the truth. Don’t miss viral Tumblr Drunk J. Crew which pairs shots of well-dressed models looking perplexed (apparently a very common look for them) with drunken sounding captions like, “Hey yoo guys I foun the sweet ray bans in the bafroom also shlly is crying in thdere.”