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The Most Epic Yearbook Photo: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The new photobooth, apps that pop, and the yearbook photo to end all yearbook photos. We’re closing out the week with the insights and trends you don’t want to miss!


1. Chatting with (Close) Strangers

Telling everyone they know where they are at all times has yet to appeal broadly to young consumers, who are usually known for sharing “everything,” and it’s yet to be seen if the startups tweaking the location-sharing formula will be a hit. Could location-based chat with strangers be the secret formula? If so, you don’t want to miss Popcorn, an app that lets users chat with anyone within a mile radius of one another. Exact locations and names are kept secret, but the close proximity of users allows them to share opinions on local spots and more. It is apparently gaining users swiftly, though of course, the odds that it will be used for hook-ups is fairly likely as well.

2. The New Photo Booth

Savvy brands are using GIFs to create marketing content that captures young consumers, and now GIFs can be integrated into brand experiences more easily than ever. GIF-booths are replacing photobooths at events and parties, and The Bosco is one company you don’t want to miss. They specialize in creative brand takeaways, and the GIF booth is their “most popular” product. The booth takes four images, prints a physical copy of them, and also sews them together into a fun GIF it uploads to the web to be shared on a wider scope. The GIFs can be branded, and The Bosco as been used by everyone from Converse to Starbucks to create instant personalized GIFs for consumers.

3. A Grocery Recipe That Delivers

Near-instant grocery shopping is one way that food stores are adjusting to Millennials shopping preferences. 43% of younger consumers make shopping lists by checking recipes—more than any other generation—and 40% over age 18 say they have used, or would like to use, a grocery delivery service to gain back time in their day. The combination of these two facts means that Popcart is an innovative plugin that shouldn’t be missed. Users simply install Popcart as a bookmark on their browser, then when they are looking at a recipe online that they want to try, they just highlight ingredients to have them instantly added to their FreshDirect cart to be delivered to their doors.

4. Snappy Dressing in a Snap

The second wave of the on-demand economy is upon us, and we’re heading for a potential future where life’s needs are on-demand for everyone, and for a fee, anything can be outsourced. But how do brands fit themselves into this instant-gratification equation? Don’t miss how Thomas Pink is making it work in London, with a 90-minute delivery service that replaces any shirt in an emergency. The service is available between 9am to 4pm, and will come to the rescue with a clean shirt for 89 GBP, applying the on-demand mentality to snappy dressing.

5. The Most Epic Yearbook Photo

This week, the internet has rallied behind a high-school student, his cat, and their epically odd yearbook photo. Draven Rodriguez began a petition to ensure that he will be able to have his senior school portrait of choice—complete with laser background, and the presence of his cat Mr. Bigglesworth—appear in the yearbook. Some warned that the teen would regret using the photo, while others declared the picture “literally perfect and…made of liquid gold.” It seems most agree with the latter opinion, because the story of his photo went viral online and on the news, and his petition currently has almost 5,000 signatures—and growing.