Infographic Snapshot: Millennials on Cooking

Jul 23 2014

Millennials and food: one of the great love affairs of our time. This generation has embraced a foodie mentality that seems to be seeping into all different facets of their lives, and creating a slew of new trends and opportunities. From the emergence of food as a new status symbol, to the hunger (sorry) for a new kind of fast food, to a Silicon Valley food rush, food is big business and this generation is changing the dining market. But they’re also invested in learning to cook themselves. For previous generations, this might have been a basic skill needed to survive the day. For many Millennials, cooking is viewed a little differently. It’s a talent, an art, and a way to express themselves and impress others. They’re embracing brands that help them cook interesting dishes with fresh ingredients, like Plated and Blue Apron, and turning to new sources to learn more about being a star in the kitchen. In some of our recent Ypulse Bi-weekly Surveys, we asked Millennials to tell us more about their food and cooking habits to get a clearer picture of how they’re cooking up the foodie trend on a daily basis. We’ve got those results for you here in our infographic snapshot that gives the dish (sorry again) on Millennials in the kitchen:

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