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Keeping You Connected: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve rounded up the headlines and hidden stories in Millennial news this week to keep you in-the-know with this fast-paced generation.
1. The Equality Debate
Yesterday’s infographic snapshot revealed some shocking stats on how this generation views equality in the workplace, and though Millennials overwhelmingly believe in equality, debates surrounding the topic are still common—don’t miss one of Hollywood’s rising Millennial stars Shailene Woodley coming under fire this week for her misconception of feminism. Young female celebrities are having a tough time avoiding the feminism debate these days, but it’s an issue that resonates with Millennials.
2. Keeping You Connected
As this generation becomes more connected by the minute with data driven applications, we’re staying one step ahead by tracking important trends like social network usage, spending, education, and more. This week we revealed the new Ypulse website, which provides Millennial IQ-boosting tools like data trackers that visually chart our exclusive Millennial data over time, giving you a constantly evolving understanding of the generations key behaviors. One topic we’ve seen rapidly evolving as of late is “smart clothing,” or wearable tech. Don’t miss this infographic outlining the key players in the current wearable tech space, 70% of which are targeting health and fitness measures while 7% focus on a much-needed element of young adults’ lives: sleep.
3. The Freshman Class of Rap
The landscape of new hip-hop is ripe with Millennials looking for something to prove, and our predictions for the rappers you should know right now successfully pinpointed three of XXL’s “Freshman Class of 2014,” the industry’s guide for hip-hop artists to watch out for this year. Also not the miss are Charli XCX, featured on Iggy Azalea’s reported song of the summer “Fancy,” and trio Pearls Negra, a girl gang hailing from Brazil that adds some female flavor to the current rap game.
4. Music Labels Losing Relevancy
We interviewed up-and-coming music artist Jerid Nowell to give you insight on how Millennials are making it in the music industry today. Live performances have become the great equalizer for growing online competition, and we don’t want you to miss more on his views that “labels are becoming a little less relevant than they used to be” for young musicians: “We are seeing this rise of raw, undeniable talent that doesn’t need to be marketed. You don’t need to sign on the dotted line anymore; there are platinum artists coming up right now proving that. I think any true artist will tell you the only thing they care about is creative control, those two words. I’m with a label who’s letting me make what I want, and that’s the most important.”
5. Two Heads Are Better Than One
This generation is rooted in a mentality of collaboration and enjoys seeing brands step out of their comfort zones to create something new. We don’t want you to miss two unlikely collaborations that debuted this week, the first between high fashion designers and gum brand Trident. Since Millennials look for ways to actually unplug every so often, Trident has created a high tech clothing line that disables tech devices altogether. Another partnership between Hot Wheels and Europcar lets kids rent out Hot Wheels cars as their parents rent vehicles, providing a new way for kids to interact with the brand on the road.