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Kick Your Social Media Addiction: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve got the most buzzed about Millennial news from the past week to keep you in-the-know, so don’t miss it!


1. Another Viral Video LEGO’d 
We meant it yesterday when we said that everything’s coming up LEGOs. The recent release of the First Guardians of the Galaxy trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live was met with tons of fanfare for its wild cast including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Bradley Cooper as the voice of a raccoon. Don’t miss the “LEGO-fied” version that runs the trailer’s narrative over clips from The LEGO Movie, fitting perfectly together since we know everything LEGOs is awesome.

2. The Pinterest Gender Bias
Pinterest users are 71% women, but can men be welcome too? One guy is “fighting a one-geek war against handbags and hairstyles” by pinning solely comic books for his 3,398 followers, but men are more interested in ephemeral and humorous content than perfect-for-scrapbooking themed images. Don’t miss an infographic showing the differences between men and women on social media, showing that women are overall more active as users in sharing and having friends.

3. Dangers of #NekNomination
Stories of dangerous female beauty fads like the cotton ball diet and thigh gap obsession are common in the media, but a new meme has been spreading like wildfire across social media, mostly among male Millennials, and it may be fatal for some. #NekNomination is where people video themselves chugging an alcoholic beverage (or few) and then nominate a friend to drink the same or more, passing it along. But lately, concoctions have been much more potent and absurd, showing the snowball effect of new memes.

4. Kick Your Social Media Addiction
Apparently being addicted to social media “likes” is now a real thing, with users exhibiting a mental rush from receiving them and even a sense of accomplishment, whereas no likes equals a measurable decrease in self-esteem. Don’t miss Coca-Cola’s “remedy” to stop hitting refresh, suggested in a dramatically silly ad that both pokes fun at social media culture and accurately portrays it.

5. Toy Trends Update
We explored the top toy trends for the coming year, including super sized playmates and a focus on the creative side of STEM, so we don’t want you to miss two other notable mentions from the Toy Fair. Nostalgia was a big selling point for the revival and reinvention of old classics, like the Lite-Brite with a more iPad-esque look and varying shaped pieces, while infusing tech into everyday items was also a trend to watch, like the talking WikiBear who can somewhat understand humans.