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Marketing Does Have a Heart: The Friday Don’t Miss List

This Valentine’s Day we’re learning that Millennials have more laughs than love on their minds, so we’ve got this week’s most important and entertaining news in Millennial culture:

1. Marketing Does Have a Heart
Millennials seem to be celebrating Valentine’s Day with more humor than romance66% of Millennials consider Valentine’s Day an overrated holiday and 54% don’t really care, so marketers must think outside of the proverbial chocolate box to tug on Millennials’ heartstrings. Don’t miss the non-traditional marketing from brands like Evian, who has encouraged the use of the hashtag #ILoveYouLike across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to receive tongue-in-cheek replies. This afternoon, Seamless offered BaubleBar necklace deliveries for 100 lucky winners in NYC, while across the coast, Uber took to the LA skies with on-demand skywriting.
2. Call-to-action for LEGO
While the LEGO movie broke out as a big time winner in the box office and its teaser marketing received equal praise online, the brand is still under fire for its sexist products, as an astute 7-year-old girl pointed out two weeks ago. Don’t miss the recreation of a LEGO ad from 1981 featuring the same girl all grown up, yet today she holds a news van focusing on makeup and cake whereas 30 years ago the options were endless, and gender neutral.
3. Still Fetch a Decade Later
Since this year marks the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, we took a closer look at the teen classic to understand why it has stood the test of time. A decade later and the movie is still just as quotable, so don’t miss the latest throwback remake from MTV’s series Retromania that has Ed Sheeran playing Lindsay Lohan’s character and hip-hop artists Waka Flocka Flame and Iggy Azalea in on the skit.

4. Next Level Dating
Our Olympic report let you know how Millennials are tuning in for the Games this winter, but young adults over in Sochi are taking time out from sports for a different kind of competition—online dating. One athlete claims: “Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level!” While Olympians are on the lookout for hookups among their peers, others might be surprised to find a match on OkCupid with Pizza Hut. The brand is the first with a profile on a dating website and is using it to promote a video contest.
5. Links We’re Passing
The Sochi Olympics may be exciting, but the Millennial radar has put Tumblr Shoshi Games at the top of the meme podium. Images on the feed put the face of Shoshanna from Girls in place of competing athletes with captions like “Curling? I’ve been doing that since my bat mitzvah,” giving fans a new medium to follow her character and laugh at inside jokes.