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A Full House of Nostalgia: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The Super Bowl, the Olympics, the guest starring campaigns—we’ve got the Millennial focused media coverage for everything that’s been buzzing this week.

1. Who’s Watching What (and Why) on Game Day
72% of those intending to watch the Super Bowl this year would rather see an exciting game with boring commercials than a boring game with awesome commercials. For the commercials that do air, they’d better be funny, since 91% prefer humor over heartstrings. While the game is a major draw for fans, Millennials who tune in just to share the experience with friends will be more focused on the ad content, and they’re already enjoying commercials ahead of time. Don’t miss the Newcastle Ale campaign for the “mega huge” ad they “almost made,” including a behind-the-scenes reel featuring Anna Kendrick that has over 2.5 million views. We’ll be following up on Monday to see how the commercials panned out this year.
2. A Full House of Nostalgia
Millennials are in nostalgia heaven this week thanks to a full on press tour from the three main guys of Full House that you do not want to miss. Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and Joey reunited on late night for a sketch that reprised their roles, and the trio has also treated fans to an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and a Redditt AMA where they revealed backstage antics from way back whenThe reunions are likely thanks to a joint commercial for Oikos Greek yogurt that will air during the Superbowl.
3. Freedom of Speech in Question
We heard directly from Millennials about whether or not they agree with the U.S. competing in the Sochi Olympics amidst LGBT discrimination in Russia, so don’t miss news that points to a restriction of free speech for Olympic athletes during press tours and while on the podium. Brands are testing traditional Olympic rules, like with the heartwarming Guinness ad that was pulled from YouTube last night at midnight since the brand is not an official sponsor, and as marketers find ways around the rules, impassioned athletes and fans of the Games might speak out for what they believe in.

4. Keep it Confidential
New social networks are quickly gaining traction by maintaining privacy online and offering a less judgmental zone among Millennials and their peers. While the private side of social media is growing fast to cater to this generation, businesses have been slow to ease privacy concerns. Don’t miss the latest numbers in consumer confidence for online privacy, which have dropped to a three-year low. 58% attribute their mistrust to businesses sharing personal information, and 89% are actively avoiding companies that they do not trust, influencing less online ad clicks and app downloads among young users.

5. Links We’re Passing
The meme of the week goes to Tumblr Valentine’s Day Cards, which have users write romantic (and often raunchy) phrases in Comic Sans font accompanied by pop culture cut-outs. The Twitter feed @VALENTINECARDS continuously posts new versions, turning Valentine’s Day into the hilarious holiday we always hoped it would be.