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YPulse Brand Report 2019

Apr 01 2019

We regularly share young consumers’ favorite brands and products across industries—and in typical YPulse fashion, we wanted to expand our insights to provide the why behind the what. This first ever YPulse Brand Report looks at the top brands across multiple industries (CPG; QSR; Fashion and Retail; Tech, Media, and Entertainment; Health and Beauty) telling you the brands that are succeeding with young consumers—and some that are struggling—and digging into why.

YPulse’s continuous brand tracker asks young consumers to assess brands across four categories: Personality, Relevance, Influence, and Momentum. Over the course of 18 months we meticulously developed questions within each of these categories based on a strong positive correlation to the strength of young consumers’ relationship with over 400 brands. Questions about whether a brand is trustworthy, supports causes, is recommended to others, and has a bright future are specific examples of the 16 core diagnostics we developed to determine a brands’ success among young consumers. The Yscore aggregates performance across all these 16 measures. Some brands’ Yscores may be boosted by the fact that young consumers say they’re popular, while others may be boosted by the perception that they’re innovative, etc. But those with top Yscores are getting things right on multiple levels, gaining Gen Z and Millennials’ attention, loyalty, and affinity.

Using all of this brand tracker data, this report gives a full exploration of those brands earning the top scores, what’s behind their success, and what lessons can be learned for all.

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