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Trend Report: Brandoms

Jun 29 2018

Fandoms for franchises like Harry Potter and One Direction show how young consumers love to  create a community around their favorite things. Now, their desire to join a tribe has extended to  their favorite brands, and it opens up a whole new world of engaging with and marketing to Millennials and Gen Z. Logomania is on the rise, with two in five 13-35-year-olds telling us logos are back in style—but it’s not just about fashion and exclusivity this time around. Young consumers are repping everything from their favorite streetwear brands to their go-to fast food restaurants. Companies are answering their call with unlikely fashion and product collaborations (ahem, Dunkin’ Donuts running shoes). Big brands and niche brands alike are part of the rising trend as social media levels the playing field for building an avid fan base.

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