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McDonald’s has released an ad promoting Black Girls Surf with a Little Mermaid tie-in.

May 25 2023

McDonald’s has released an ad promoting Black Girls Surf with a Little Mermaid tie-in.Disney’s much-anticipated live-action remake of the classic film has elicited both positive and negative responses across the internet in response to the casting of Black actress / singer Halle Bailey as Ariel. Regardless, McDonald’s is taking the opportunity to spotlight its commitment to diversity and activism with a Little Mermaid-themed Happy Meal and a 30-second ad spotlighting Black Girls Surf, a competitive performance training camp for Black girls and women. McDonald’s donated funds to the organization and will also host a special screening of the film for its members. YPulse’s Representation in Action trend research shows classic Disney princesses are the top roles that Black Gen Z and Millennials would like to see recast with a person of color. And with McDonald’s being their favorite fast food joint, the doubly representative tie-in will likely satiate young consumers’ wants in more ways than one. (Marketing Dive)