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Niantic created a Tamagotchi for Gen Z—and it didn’t land.

May 23 2023

Niantic created a Tamagotchi for Gen Z—and it didn’t land.Gen Z has been bringing back the 2000s for a while now, fueled by their seemingly endless nostalgia for all things Y2K. In response, we’ve seen the revival of everything from Y2K fashion to entertainment to games. And while much of this merch and content have been well-received by Zs, the mobile app billed as the “Tamagotchi of 2023” has turned out to be a flop. ‘90s and 2000s kids will remember Tamagotchi, the egg-shaped virtual pet that became one of the biggest fads of the era and has had a recent resurgence. The new app, called Peridot, was created by Pokémon Go creator Niantic and uses AR to digitally place a pet in your real-life surroundings. But due to “mind-numbingly simple” gameplay, a “ridiculously cluttered” layout, and “confounding” user experience, Peridot is turning out to have far less allure than the OG Tamagotchi. (Mashable)