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TikTok star Tanara Mallory is building a career based on TikTok’s most “creative” recipes. 

May 16 2023

TikTok star Tanara Mallory is building a career based on TikTok’s most “creative” recipes. Known on the app as @tanaradoublechocolate, Mallory reacts to people’s outrageous cooking videos and kicks off each with her signature catchphrase: “Everybody’s so creative!” Mallory then proceeds to comedically narrate the food content while appearing in front of the videos by using the green screen duet function. With her step-by-step takes on often absurd recipes, Mallory has taken her role as a chef herself and garnered a foodie community through humor. Since her first post in 2019, she’s amassed 3.4M followers and created a fanbase who love saying her slogan. In the future, Mallory is hoping to build a larger brand around her comedic content and grow her YouTube channel by making more kinds of videos. YPulse told you about various food influencers Gen Z and Millennials are loving—and the majority of them are people of color. YPulse’s The End of Foodie Culture (As We Know It) trend report data shows 60% of young POC would rather see a fun video about food over a beautiful photo of food. (Eater)