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Leaked government documents on Discord are a gamer’s delight. 

May 16 2023

Leaked government documents on Discord are a gamer’s delight. Video game enthusiasts are participating in a global scavenger hunt on social media platforms in search of classified U.S. military documents, essentially turning a national-security crisis into a game. The hunt revolves around a cache of sensitive military documents that a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard allegedly posted on Discord. The documents include information about the war in Ukraine, the U.S. spying on allies, and U.S. penetration of Russian military plans. Some of the documents remain online, and users are eager to see them. While the exact number of leaked documents is unclear, prosecutors suggest that more documents may surface. YPulse’s Social Media Behavior report data shows nearly a quarter of Gen Z use Discord, and it ranks among their top ten social platforms. (WSJ)